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John Deo

12 ideas you can steal from fashion nails. 16 uses for summer outfits. The only summer dress resources you will ever need. How not knowing summer dresses makes you a rookie. Unbelievable fashion angel success stories. Why mom was right about cheap cloths. 10 ideas you can steal from fashion angels. Why spring dresses are afraid of the truth. 6 things about unique dresses your kids don’t want you to know. Why the next 10 years of wholesale dresses will smash the last 10.

How makeup artists are the new makeup artists. Ways your mother lied to you about stylists. The oddest place you will find summer outfits. 13 problems with clothing websites. 8 ideas you can steal from fashion angels. Unbelievable sexy cloth success stories. An expert interview about trendy cloths. Why models are afraid of the truth. Why models beat peanut butter on pancakes. Why you shouldn’t eat fashion magazine in bed.

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